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Elementary Homeschool According to RHE

Elementary school is a time of wonder and exploration. At these varying stages of development, children learn best through play and activities. I like to give them plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them. Various writing and crafts ideas can help develop fine motor skills. Playing outside in the shade is terrific. With sandboxes and water tables to provide independent play and jungle gyms and swing sets allowing them to exercise (a local park can provide this for you), they will most definitely stay busy and sleep well at night. When it is time to sit down and learn, the resources used should grab their attention. I  prefer to read with the younger ones at this time. It helps them feel close to you and starts them with a love of books. Another super easy tool I use is turning on the captions for everything they watch on TV. So their favorite movies and television shows can help them learn to read.  As we are UUs, and I am a Pagan UU, we use resources that correspond to

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