Nurturing Earth-Centered Spirituality in Homeschooled Children


In our homeschool, we aim to teach our kids to love and care for the Earth. We use fun activities and lessons to help our youngest family members learn to take care of our planet.

Learning in Nature

We believe that nature is the best classroom. We take our kids outside to learn from the world around them, turning lessons into exciting adventures.

  • Exploration: We let kids explore nature by going on guided walks and looking for things in nature.
  • Observation: We teach kids to notice the small details in life, like how a butterfly grows or how the moon changes shape.
  • Conservation: We teach kids to take care of the Earth by doing things like making crafts from recycled materials and gardening together.

Special Ceremonies and Parties

We include simple ceremonies in our lessons to help children feel the rhythm of nature and see how it connects to their lives.

  1. Make a seasonal altar to celebrate the different times of the year and learn about Earth's cycles.
  2. Join in tree planting ceremonies or spiritual gardening to help nature and watch things grow over time.
  3. Observe solar and lunar events to learn about the sun, moon, and their effects on Earth.

Stories that Teach

Stories help us understand the world. We choose stories that show how we are connected to the Earth and that make kids curious about the world.

  • Myths that explain nature and teach important values.
  • Short moral stories that teach about caring for the environment and how all life is connected.
  • Modern stories about today's environmental issues and how to solve them.

Fun Crafts

Making crafts is a great way to improve hand skills and show love for the Earth. Kids can make things that remind them of what they've learned and the beauty they've seen.

  1. Create art with natural items like leaves and stones to represent nature's variety.
  2. Make small gardens or terrariums to learn about how living things depend on each other and how to care for plants.
  3. Make recycled paper to learn about reusing stuff and cutting down on trash.


Every child has the power to protect our Earth. By mixing spirituality with learning, we hope to support that power. Join us as we teach our children to respect, love, and care for our planet with our Earth-centered lessons.


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